You want to say something about this truth or dare game? Just tell us what you want here! We hope you had some fun :)

  1. amanda says:

    hi guys who want to play

  2. shree says:

    i would like to play this game with someone sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. shree says:

    i realyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to have someone’s dick in my vagina and make me cum

  4. Justin Bieber says:

    Anyone want to play with me?? I am the real Justin Bieber

  5. John says:

    I downloaded the app as a joke to laugh with my wife, but it soon turned into way more Fun that we had thought. We purchased the full access for like $6.99. And it turned bed time into Fireworks! She said she wants to play it again tonight!

  6. Allan says:

    Great game. Lots of fun to play. Anyone up for a party?

  7. Alam Alvarez says:

    I’m so exited

  8. Alam Alvarez says:

    I’ll be so exited to play with you!!!!

  9. barbie says:

    way to fun to play on

  10. kai tanner says:

    These producers are discriminating same sex couples, transgenders and singles for no good reason. Shame on you!

  11. Anonymous says:

    India country is not available for payment of premium version

  12. Hayley says:

    I like this game a lot and very much

  13. Jim Brister says:

    Is there a thread to adult truth or dare with people around the world?

  14. Ryleigh Manwarren says:

    Take a pic of your Dick/Virginia

  15. Lve it ! says:

    I loved the iOS version ! very great party !

  16. Jacky says:

    Very intressting for young and old couple ;)

  17. yasmine says:

    Great game 10/10 !

  18. Lucky says:

    Yes I love it :-)!

  19. Miss says:

    How does it work ?

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