A first kiss while playing truth or dare?

Did you experience your first kiss while you were playing truth or dare?

When I was in high school a lot of my friends made their first experiences with the opposite sex while playing an innocent session of truth or dare. By asking the right questions they found out what girls really wanted and by being courageous enough to go for the “kiss the person next to you” dare they got their first kiss.

Thinking back at this time it makes me sad that the courage to go for the dare instead of the boring ass question could have been enough to finally taste the soft lips of a beautiful girl.

Okay, who am I trying to fool?

I wasn’t even invited to the cool parties during which truth or dare became the center of attention once the beer was empty. I wasn’t one of the cool kids. I was a loser and as a loser I didn’t even know what it meant to get a kiss during an innocent game.

Today I am fortunate enough to get more than just a kiss by playing a version of this game that is anything but innocent. I am not the same person that I once way. I have changed. I transformed from a shy loser into a life-affirming young man and I caught up on all the naughty things I missed out on.

While my friends have to thank truth or dare for their first kiss, I decided to play this game by my own rules. Getting a kiss from a girl is well and good, but what if you could undress a girl and have sex with her by playing a simple but effective game?

You don’t believe me?

Then you have never tried to play the naughty version of truth or dare. The dirty version is more than a few boring questions and a soft kiss. It is a proven method to get women in an ecstatic state. It is a fun and playful way to make the women you are on a date with so horny, that they want to take their clothes off.

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