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The best truth or dare questions


The Truth or Dare game is a really popular to play with friend of with it’s girlfriend. This is probably one of the best icebreaker and provides an a way to meet new friends or simply better know some friends. The most difficult thing is to find the questions!

We did create this game with several people to create more than 1200 awesome truth and dares ! The dare are in 6 different levels.

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For fun

Easy (Truth)

  • [Player] why have you come this evening?
  • [Player] when was the last time you have lied? what was the lie?

Easy (Dare)

  • [Player] carry with a spoon in your mouth an egg, water or other fragile food
  • [Player] make a funny face and ask someone to take a picture
  • [Player] bite a finger of [Other Player]

Moderate (Truth)

  • [Player] tell everyone your most horrible fear
  • [Player] have you been in a fight? If yes did you win?
  • [Player] if you could go back in time, what would you change?

Moderate (Dare)

  • [Player] you cannot say “yes” or “no” for four turns
  • [Player] lick the cheek of the person on your right

Hard (Truth)

  • [Player] do you own any sex toys? If yes, how many?
  • [Player] lick the cheek of the person on your right

Hard (Dare)

  • [Player] massage %O’s feet with butter or jam
  • [Player] lick the cheek of the person on your right

For adult (contains sex truth or dare questions!)

Soft (Truth)

  • [Player] what have you done while watching a porn film?
  • [Player] lick the cheek of the person on your right
  • [Player] what do you think of %OF’s breasts?

Soft (Dare)

  • [Player] kiss [Another player of the opposite sex] on the mouth
  • [Player] lift up your shirt and show the others your bra

Dirty  (Truth)

  • [Player] have you masturbated today?
  • [Player] have you ever bought a porn magazine?

Dirty (Dare)

  • [Player man]  you have to finger [Other girl player] while she masturbates you
  • … (And a lot of more to discover !

Very dirty (Truth)

Very dirty  (Dare)

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You have an iPhone / iPad ? Play now on the mobile game :

New server !

Thanks to our all new user, we have been able to migrate this truth or dare website to a new powerful server!

The game will be faster to load for everybody around the world.

Have fun !

Truth or Dare for iPhone !

New release a new update of Truth or Dare for iPhone and iPad, we work a lot to create a lot of new awesome dares  ! We are happy to see that a lot of people give a positive feedback for our application.

Don’t hesitate to speak to your friends about our app !

Discover our presentation page for iOS Truth or Dare game : Truth or Dare for iPhone

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Have fun

New truth and dares !

A lot of new truth and dare have been added ! You can now play to more than 1000 of forfeits. This is the biggest collection of truth or dare !

We do every thing to build the best game ever, so don’t hesitate to give feedback we appreciate !

Have fun !