Best truth or dare questions with your boyfriend / girlfriend

This is a list some amazing questions to ask to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Discover thousand of dares inside our games!

Have fun!


  • Have you ever had foreplay with anyone in public? If so what and where?
  • (For a girl) have you already fingered yourself alone?
  • (For a girl) would you like to have anal sex with a guy?
  • would you ever want to watch your partner make love to someone else?
  • Have you masturbated in front of a porn film?
  • Have you ever had sex with two women or more? If yes, tell all, if not would you like to?


  • Give partner a back massage
  • Kiss your partner romantically
  • Player whisper something very naughty to  (an other player). He chooses the punishment if he thinks it isn’t good enough
  • Kiss your partner down there
  • Player you have to pretend to enjoy yourself while sitting on (an other player)
  • Player make a sexy pose in underwear while (an other player) takes some photos
  • Player you have to masturbate right until just before you cum

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