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A first kiss while playing truth or dare?

Did you experience your first kiss while you were playing truth or dare?

When I was in high school a lot of my friends made their first experiences with the opposite sex while playing an innocent session of truth or dare. By asking the right questions they found out what girls really wanted and by being courageous enough to go for the “kiss the person next to you” dare they got their first kiss.

Thinking back at this time it makes me sad that the courage to go for the dare instead of the boring ass question could have been enough to finally taste the soft lips of a beautiful girl.

Okay, who am I trying to fool?

I wasn’t even invited to the cool parties during which truth or dare became the center of attention once the beer was empty. I wasn’t one of the cool kids. I was a loser and as a loser I didn’t even know what it meant to get a kiss during an innocent game.

Today I am fortunate enough to get more than just a kiss by playing a version of this game that is anything but innocent. I am not the same person that I once way. I have changed. I transformed from a shy loser into a life-affirming young man and I caught up on all the naughty things I missed out on.

While my friends have to thank truth or dare for their first kiss, I decided to play this game by my own rules. Getting a kiss from a girl is well and good, but what if you could undress a girl and have sex with her by playing a simple but effective game?

You don’t believe me?

Then you have never tried to play the naughty version of truth or dare. The dirty version is more than a few boring questions and a soft kiss. It is a proven method to get women in an ecstatic state. It is a fun and playful way to make the women you are on a date with so horny, that they want to take their clothes off.

fix update for Truth or Dare 3.0.3

Hello everybody!

Apple did finally accepte our 3.0.3 update for our truth or dare game. This update fix the crash when launching the game. We also get a better looking UI for the unlocking level view. Creating custom dare is easier now.

Thanks for all your feedback, and have fun!

Crash for Truth or Dare 3.0.2

We apologise for the bunch of bugs which are affecting our users upgrading from the 3.0.1 version of our truth or dare game. The bug is now fixed and we did release an update. This update is still under validation from Apple.

If you are still running the 3.0.1, dont update until the 3.0.3.  

If you have already installed the 3.0.2, delete the app and download it again on

Thanks again for your help!

Truth or Dare? New amazing update

We did just release a new update of our truth or dare and dirty game. The game leave the orange colors and became yellow, with a new simple logo!

Play with the new 200 dares and have unlimited fun. This game is perfect to play with friends or with your boyfriend / girlfriend.

Please add a review on the AppStore, it’s very important for us.

Download now the update on:

Truth or dare iPhone Truth or dare iPhone


New truth or dare game for couples!

We did release few days ago a new update for our amazing sex games for couple. We did take care of all your feedback to improve the game. The target of this game are couple who want to spicy their sex life.

We did work hard to improve the user interface and the compatibility with new iOS devices (like the new iPad Pro).

Discover more than 1000 dares, created only for couples! The game also include an nice dice game to have fun, quickly!

Have fun!

Best truth or dare questions with your boyfriend / girlfriend

This is a list some amazing questions to ask to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Discover thousand of dares inside our games!

Have fun!


  • Have you ever had foreplay with anyone in public? If so what and where?
  • (For a girl) have you already fingered yourself alone?
  • (For a girl) would you like to have anal sex with a guy?
  • would you ever want to watch your partner make love to someone else?
  • Have you masturbated in front of a porn film?
  • Have you ever had sex with two women or more? If yes, tell all, if not would you like to?


  • Give partner a back massage
  • Kiss your partner romantically
  • Player whisper something very naughty to  (an other player). He chooses the punishment if he thinks it isn’t good enough
  • Kiss your partner down there
  • Player you have to pretend to enjoy yourself while sitting on (an other player)
  • Player make a sexy pose in underwear while (an other player) takes some photos
  • Player you have to masturbate right until just before you cum

New update for the sex game Android!

We did just release a new update of our amazing truth or dare sex game for couple for Android. This update fix a lot of crash on some old phones and we did add a lot of new dares.

If the game is already on our phone you can directly update it with the google play store.

Download it directly :

Looking for the iOS version ?!/id933524873?mt=8

The best truth or dare questions


The Truth or Dare game is a really popular to play with friend of with it’s girlfriend. This is probably one of the best icebreaker and provides an a way to meet new friends or simply better know some friends. The most difficult thing is to find the questions!

We did create this game with several people to create more than 1200 awesome truth and dares ! The dare are in 6 different levels.

To start the game now, click here !

You have an iPhone / iPad ? Play now on the mobile game :

For fun

Easy (Truth)

  • [Player] why have you come this evening?
  • [Player] when was the last time you have lied? what was the lie?

Easy (Dare)

  • [Player] carry with a spoon in your mouth an egg, water or other fragile food
  • [Player] make a funny face and ask someone to take a picture
  • [Player] bite a finger of [Other Player]

Moderate (Truth)

  • [Player] tell everyone your most horrible fear
  • [Player] have you been in a fight? If yes did you win?
  • [Player] if you could go back in time, what would you change?

Moderate (Dare)

  • [Player] you cannot say “yes” or “no” for four turns
  • [Player] lick the cheek of the person on your right

Hard (Truth)

  • [Player] do you own any sex toys? If yes, how many?
  • [Player] lick the cheek of the person on your right

Hard (Dare)

  • [Player] massage %O’s feet with butter or jam
  • [Player] lick the cheek of the person on your right

For adult (contains sex truth or dare questions!)

Soft (Truth)

  • [Player] what have you done while watching a porn film?
  • [Player] lick the cheek of the person on your right
  • [Player] what do you think of %OF’s breasts?

Soft (Dare)

  • [Player] kiss [Another player of the opposite sex] on the mouth
  • [Player] lift up your shirt and show the others your bra

Dirty  (Truth)

  • [Player] have you masturbated today?
  • [Player] have you ever bought a porn magazine?

Dirty (Dare)

  • [Player man]  you have to finger [Other girl player] while she masturbates you
  • … (And a lot of more to discover !

Very dirty (Truth)

Very dirty  (Dare)

To start the game now, click here !

You have an iPhone / iPad ? Play now on the mobile game :

New server !

Thanks to our all new user, we have been able to migrate this truth or dare website to a new powerful server!

The game will be faster to load for everybody around the world.

Have fun !