Truth or Dare for iPhone, iPad and Android!

Discover the best truth or dare game for iPhone, iPad and Android! All the truth and dares of this website and even more are available on our iPhone / iPad app. You cas play as a couple or on multiplayer game to more than 1000 truth and dares for an endless game! This game is free!Truth or dare iPhone

Download for iOS

For multiplayer or for couples:

Logo Action vérité iphone

Jeu sexe pour couple




Download  for Android

For couples only

jeu sexe couple android




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  1. maddie says:

    sexy may i pls have sex with a teacher so i can suck his dick and i can breastfeed him he will lick me everywhere i also want girl sex

  2. Toasty says:

    If I bought the full version on my phone app do I also have to buy the full version on my computer for the website

  3. Gobo says:

    Can i play the extream dirty verson on the app?

  4. Skye connor says:


  5. Julian says:

    I tried with my GF, this is a very spiced and dirty game, I loved it!

  6. Leo Liu says:

    If i purchased all levels on my iPhone app, do i still need to purchase them again on my iPad app? (the same app)

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