Truth or Dare : Help and FAQ

    Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions by the users of the Truth or Dare app. Please, take some time to have a look at it, you’ll most likely find the answer to your problem. If not, please contact us, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you […]

    Discover the dares examples of the truth or dare app available on Android and iOS

    Truth or Dare: here are some dares examples

    This article is for those of you who have downloaded Truth and Dare and who are still hesitating before buying all the levels. You might be wondering how qualitative the dares are. First, let us share a very simple fact to reassure you: if the content you have to pay for wasn’t high-quality, the rating on […]

    A first kiss while playing truth or dare?

    Did you experience your first kiss while you were playing truth or dare? When I was in high school a lot of my friends made their first experiences with the opposite sex while playing an innocent session of truth or dare. By asking the right questions they found out what girls really wanted and by […]

    fix update for Truth or Dare 3.0.3

    Hello everybody! Apple did finally accepte our 3.0.3 update for our truth or dare game. This update fix the crash when launching the game. We also get a better looking UI for the unlocking level view. Creating custom dare is easier now. Thanks for all your feedback, and have fun!

    Crash for Truth or Dare 3.0.2

    We apologise for the bunch of bugs which are affecting our users upgrading from the 3.0.1 version of our truth or dare game. The bug is now fixed and we did release an update. This update is still under validation from Apple. If you are still running the 3.0.1, dont update until the 3.0.3.   […]

    Truth or Dare? New amazing update

    We did just release a new update of our truth or dare and dirty game. The game leave the orange colors and became yellow, with a new simple logo! Play with the new 200 dares and have unlimited fun. This game is perfect to play with friends or with your boyfriend / girlfriend. Please add […]

    New truth or dare game for couples!

    We did release few days ago a new update for our amazing sex games for couple. We did take care of all your feedback to improve the game. The target of this game are couple who want to spicy their sex life. We did work hard to improve the user interface and the compatibility with […]

    Best truth or dare questions with your boyfriend / girlfriend

    This is a list some amazing questions to ask to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Discover thousand of dares inside our games! Have fun! Truths Have you ever had foreplay with anyone in public? If so what and where? (For a girl) have you already fingered yourself alone? (For a girl) would you like to have anal sex […]

    Truth or dare for iPhone, new update!

    We did just release a new update for our truth or dare and dirty game for iPhone and iPad (3.0.1) What’s new? It’s now easier to create custom dares and we did fix some translation issues. We did add a lot of new dares and correction thanks to your help. How to get it? Simply […]

    New update for the sex game Android!

    We did just release a new update of our amazing truth or dare sex game for couple for Android. This update fix a lot of crash on some old phones and we did add a lot of new dares. If the game is already on our phone you can directly update it with the google […]

    The best truth or dare questions

      The Truth or Dare game is a really popular to play with friend of with it’s girlfriend. This is probably one of the best icebreaker and provides an a way to meet new friends or simply better know some friends. The most difficult thing is to find the questions! We did create this game […]

    New server !

    Thanks to our all new user, we have been able to migrate this truth or dare website to a new powerful server! The game will be faster to load for everybody around the world. Have fun !

    Happy Valentine’s day !

    Happy valentines day to every body. Have a good day with your partner if you are in couple and if you are alone we wish that you will meet some new peoples ! Want some inspirations for your night ?  The game contains 4 levels of difficulty, with a real hard one for the end !

    Valentine’s Day is coming !

    7 seven days before the Valentine’s Day! For this occasion and to end the day with a amazing party, we recommend to you our new sex game for couples : Have fun !

    Little down time

    Our truth or dare website was unreachable the last hours due too the a bug inside one third party extension. We did remove it. Have fun and Merry Christmas